Immigration for the Family

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Family Immigration

“Tribulation worketh patience.” Romans 5:3 Family Immigration petitions require patience or maybe tribulation. They can take a lon-n-n-ng time.

In addition to understanding the family immigration process, it is necessary to understand other areas of immigration as well. This helps you to know the what other options may be available.

Some family members may not qualify for a green card.  In addition, processing times can be much longer than expected. Understanding the timeline requires a careful review of the processing charts over time, to detect patterns in the chart. Thus reviewing only the most recent chart is not adequate to detect the patterns.

Also the immigration attorney must ask very personal questions before preparing an immigration petition. The questions may be embarrassing, but it is necessary to get all the pertinent information up front.

For an attorney representing more than one person in the same case there may be ethical issues. For example, if Juan marries Anita, then wants to file a petition for Anita to adjust her status. The problem arises when Anita and Juan get a divorce. Does the attorney represent Anita or Juan. Well maybe neither if the attorney has to withdraw because a conflict of interest has arisen.

There are four types of family members that may want to petition for a status adjustment via the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA):  (1) spouse (2) child (3) sibling and (4) parent. Each of this is discussed in other blog posts. Children Immigration 



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